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We understand how important is choosing a right mattress.


We are built differently which is why there is no "One mattress fits all". We have put together a list of important questions when choosing your new mattress. Check it out!

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Q1. Who is the new mattress for?


Myself & my partner

My Kids

Spare/ Guest Room

Q2. What position do you normally sleep in?

On my back

On my stomach

On my side

All of them

Q3. What sort of feel you would like your new mattress have?

Plush (like cloud)

Medium (Soft on top and Firm on bottom)

Firm (Very supportive + don’t sink in at all)

Not sure...

Q4. How much do you weight roughly?

Less than 70kg

Between 70kg to 89kg

Between 90kg to 110kg

More than 110kg

Q5. Do these issues bother you during or after sleep?

Back Pain

Shoulder/Hip Pain

Pins and Needles

Asthma or allergies

None of the above

Q6. Do you get too hot or too cold during the night?

Not at all



Almost every night

Q7. Does partner disturbance commonly affect your sleep?

Yes! Often


Not at all

Q8. What size mattress would you like?

Single (92cmx188cm)

King Single (107cmx203cm)

Double (138cmx188cm)

Queen (153cmx203cm)

King (183cm x 203cm)

Q9. Which statment suits you best?

I have a limited budget but want to get a good mattress.

I am willing to pay for a better quality mattress.

I want the best quality available.

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