Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow

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Always finding yourself sweating through the pillow? We got your back! We have the coolest pillow on the market! With a cooling get pad, you are in for a calm, cool and quality sleeping with the cooling gel memory foam pillow. The Gel Pad draws away heat from your body and keep you cool at night. No more sweaty night, no more flipping your pillows. Just deep quality sleep:)

Other than being nice and cool from the Gel pad, you also need the support and contouring from your pillow. Your pillow can’t be too hard or too soft. This memory foam pillow is made not too hard and not too soft. It is firm enough to keep your neck in the right spot and it is soft enough to contour the shape of your neck. Yes! Lots of thoughts go into choosing your favorite pillow.


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Adjustable Height – One Size Fits Most

Adjustable for your comfort, one side is 12cm high which is ideal for side sleepers and the other side 8cm ideal for back sleeper.

The Support is “just right.”

This pillow is made “not too hard,” “not too soft.” The medium feel will provide your neck the proper Support without being “rock hard” but also contour the shape of your neck like sinking into a marshmallow.

Improved Breathability and cooling effect 

The cooling gel acts as an effective heat dispersing agent, drawing our body heat away. As the cooling gel helps regulate the pillow’s temperature, it helps your body cool down and improved the quality of your sleep